Which commonly overlooked promotion factors are you missing?

I am happy for them, but why not me?

Over the years, the most common executive coaching conversation I’ve had with all levels of leaders has been “how do I get promoted?”  Most of the time, these leader s have demonstrated exceptional skills and very high levels of performance and likely have the tools needed to be successful at the next level and beyond.

Listen below to get of sense of the direction given and the tension released during these discussions.

(Note: If you ask the next generation to review your audio script, they get a chance to avoid our mistakes and maybe return your audio with a little something extra on it.)


  • Think back to when you had the opportunity to plead your promotion case, did you sell the right benefits?
  • List how you will help the company and your bosses after your promotion.
  • Where will you develop and demonstrate the next level skills that support your ability to deliver the benefits above?

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When are you going to take one of these peanuts off my desk?

A winner's guide to finishing!

peanut1I accomplished a lot in multiple environments over the course of my career.  That led one participant in a recent coaching session to ask, “What has been the biggest challenge I faced throughout my career?

In a word it is Focus.  The hard part about leading is not the difference between good and bad choices.  Most of us figure that out correctly.

Like many of us, I struggled with things that are “right to do” and  did not focused enough resources on “breakthroughs.”

Please listen in on this live Coaching Q&A session as I share how I learned this early career lesson.


Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed!

Find ways to Exchange Value with your Mentor

 Begging businessman“Everybody got they cups, but they ain’t chipped in.”

Snoop “D-O-Double-G” is on the money and is also right when he says it happens all the time.

I teach old Brands new tricks, and for a couple of decades, I have done so from the C-Suite.  Somehow potential mentees know that I have developed several leaders who achieved tremendous results.  Mentees eagerly show up to learn leadership secrets and become executive superheroes.  These executives are knocked off balance, however, when asked, “what did you bring in exchange for the gifts you hope to receive?”

With varying degrees of finesse, these executives often conclude they have nothing worthy to offer a CEO.  And so the lesson begins.

3 Tips To Stretch Your Weekends!

Start and Finish your Week Deliberately. You will enjoy the weekend more!

Week End - Written on Red Keyboard Key. Male Hand Presses Button on Black PC Keyboard. Closeup View. Blurred Background. 3D Render.

I trust you had a fantastic Memorial weekend.  I know you paused a moment to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our armed forces.  If you are like most Americans with 37 hours of unfinished work sitting on your desk at any given moment, however, you probably spent too much of your treasured weekend time thinking about work, dreading the beginning of a new work week or worse not being fully engaged with your family.

As high achievers, work is a very important part of our lives.  It is not, however, the only important area.   We have other life objectives that are meaningful.  Think about your spouse.  Think about your kids.  Think about your extended family and friends.  What are your goals in those areas of your life?  To accomplish these goals, you must apply focused effort and energy.  So how do I stop the office from stealing my attention over the weekend?

  1. Wrap Up
  2. Start Up
  3. Value R&R

Top 3 Promotion Secrets To Help You Climb Faster

Are you tired of being a high potential, high-value contributor, in the same role while others with less talent are ascending a record pace?

I can’t count the people who ask for help after missing a big opportunity.  When asked how did Johnny get the plum assignment?  They often ascribe his good fortune to the lucky gene pool, better connections, and a litany of other reasons.  After patiently waiting for them to exhaust their list, I tell them the same thing.  “This is not about Johnny–This is about you!”  It seems like you need to understand a few Next Level Secrets ASAP.

1.       Promotions are Outcomes, Not Actions

2.       Don’t Limit Where You Learn or Shine

3.       Answer Every Question You Hear

Top 3 Ways To Do More in Less Time

I am often asked how I achieve such incredible results in so little time.

The answer is not a canned series of steps; the answer is getting more done every day.

I have heard countless hardworking executives lament that there are not enough hours in the day. They routinely burn the midnight oil with mixed results. We all get the same 168 hours a week, so how do you get more done starting today?