How to use precision to become more compelling.

Dotting i's and crossing t's really does mean something!

stop chain reactionIn the last couple of Tales from the SAS C-Suite, you learned that I was not having fun defending my honor and wallet in civil court.  The leadership team worked its collective butt off and saved 2000 jobs, but two years later the leader of the pack is being accused of age discrimination.

You know that no one is perfect.  Consequently, the sooner we admit we have “non-fatal flaws” the more credible other statements become.

Let see how to take our credibility up another notch with precision.  Who do you believe is going to show up on time?  The date who says they will be over at 6-ish or the one who says I will be there at 6 sharp?

Listen to this episode as explain how a seemingly insignificant domino is a critical part of saving the company.