Are you ready to convince a jury from the witness stand?

You may have to defend yourself even if you've done nothing wrong. How to supercharge your chances of winning.

insusticeWhat if you have done everything the right way, delivered better than expected results, and still find yourself in court?  You are highly motivated to find a safe way home, but do you know how to supercharge your chances of getting the verdict you deserve?

Here is a bizarre story of what happened to me and the tools I used to maximize my chances of winning the hearts and minds of strangers.  I mean jurors.

In the first of four episodes, I lay out my case and cover the basic counsel that all witnesses get and explain why that counsel is necessary but not sufficient.  Stay tuned to the very end and pass along the digital advice that will help you and friends avoid being red-faced in court.


Review your digital life.  Eliminate as much nonessential chatter as possible and all inappropriate communications i.e. profanity, pornography ect.  Who knows what the Russians or big brother will release next?


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