Who says you need an expert on your side? Everyone.

Tell a great story, then back it up!

Hand pressing Ask An Expert on blurred cityscape background

Hand pressing Ask An Expert on blurred cityscape background

In the final installment of my personal courtroom drama. I have got the plaintiff’s team down, but I need to strike one more blow to ensure the jury sees things correctly.

I need an expert they can trust to validate everything they have heard from the defense. Occasionally you get the opportunity to do it yourself, but more often than not you have to find other experts to do the heavy lifting. Either way, however, you want to make sure that you can back up what you have said with a real heavy hitter.

How to use precision to become more compelling.

Dotting i's and crossing t's really does mean something!

stop chain reactionIn the last couple of Tales from the SAS C-Suite, you learned that I was not having fun defending my honor and wallet in civil court.  The leadership team worked its collective butt off and saved 2000 jobs, but two years later the leader of the pack is being accused of age discrimination.

You know that no one is perfect.  Consequently, the sooner we admit we have “non-fatal flaws” the more credible other statements become.

Let see how to take our credibility up another notch with precision.  Who do you believe is going to show up on time?  The date who says they will be over at 6-ish or the one who says I will be there at 6 sharp?

Listen to this episode as explain how a seemingly insignificant domino is a critical part of saving the company.

How to defend your honor and your wallet!

You may have to defend yourself even if you've done nothing wrong. How to supercharge your chances of winning.


Last week, I started telling you about my crazy civil court experience.  Plaintiff claimed that despite keeping the older employee, I was liable for age discrimination when I terminated him.   I saved nearly 2000 jobs and two years later found myself defending my honor and my wallet.

Now let’s talk about how to wield the damaging omission.  None of us are perfect; consequently, we tend not to trust anyone who appears to be.  The magic of this technique is to self-report your imperfections.

It is a little like the interviewer’s “tell me about your weakness” question.   You have to serve up something, so you offer a veiled strength.  (e.g. I am workaholic.)  Interviewers often see through that, so you are better off to provide a real weakness that has no bearing on the role you seek.  (i.e. I am a great package designer, but I have no idea how many we should keep in inventory.)

Listen to this episode as I wield this technique to help the jury understand a broader business context that ultimately helps them understand the company was under attack, not the plaintiff.


As you think about pitching product, ideas, or services, think about those you don’t serve and proactively disclose those weaknesses.

Are you ready to convince a jury from the witness stand?

You may have to defend yourself even if you've done nothing wrong. How to supercharge your chances of winning.

insusticeWhat if you have done everything the right way, delivered better than expected results, and still find yourself in court?  You are highly motivated to find a safe way home, but do you know how to supercharge your chances of getting the verdict you deserve?

Here is a bizarre story of what happened to me and the tools I used to maximize my chances of winning the hearts and minds of strangers.  I mean jurors.

In the first of four episodes, I lay out my case and cover the basic counsel that all witnesses get and explain why that counsel is necessary but not sufficient.  Stay tuned to the very end and pass along the digital advice that will help you and friends avoid being red-faced in court.


Review your digital life.  Eliminate as much nonessential chatter as possible and all inappropriate communications i.e. profanity, pornography ect.  Who knows what the Russians or big brother will release next?


Ready for step two?

Want to be a winner? “We talkin bout practice.”

The gold medal performance is only the tip of the iceberg...

Hand writing the text: Dreams Don't Work Unless You DoDo you enjoy watching world class athletes compete at the highest levels? The talent they display is incredible, but only the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the story is all about the hard work out of public view that separates the talented from champions.
The question to you is…  Are you working that hard as you chase the gold that feeds your family?

6 eMail Productivity Secrets That Will Get Your Life Back

eMail Productivity 101: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, and Fixate

inboxWhile there’s no argument email has improved the way we do business, its sheer volume and ability to distract cripples too many.  Below is the approach I use to help me tame my inbox and stay focused.


eMail Productivity 101: Eliminate, Automate, Delegate, and Fixate

Make Your eMail Subject Line Work Harder

Establish Subject Line Protocols

inboxAs you read this post, just imagine me enjoying a warm Caribbean breeze with my bride and a cool cocktail by my side.

Old habits die hard and a week in the sun has not stopped me from checking emails.  That said, I that tend to address emails that use a system of subject line codes to help me quickly understand due dates and email requirements before wading scanning through the rest of the stack.

Save yourself and team a lot of time and implement subject line codes within your network ASAP.  Then blast through your emails and get out there and enjoy all the summer you can.

Here are a few email subject line codes and examples to help you get started.

[EOM]–End of Message

If you can convey the entire message in less than 60-ish characters, put the whole message in the subject line and close the subject line with [EOM]. That way, your recipient knows everything he or she needs to know without even opening the email.  For example, this email with just a subject line and no body.

Public Speaking Performance Hacks: All eyes on you!

Easy to Implement Presentation Game Changers

Whatever your political bias or what you think of the Republican or Democratic conventions, both efforts afford us the opportunity to evaluate a wide array of speaking styles and techniques while making our own assessment of what is and is not effective.

This week’s post is a reminder to supercharge your presentations with four quick onstage performance enhancers.


Let’s Hammer Something Out

"Old School" Anger Management

Watching the news is increasingly difficult these days.  Sometimes, I wonder how I avoided the fatal situations that tragically end so many lives.  I am sure there are more factors than I can count, but as I contemplate this question, an “Old School” Solomon Family lesson comes to mind.

Listen to this story to catch a glimpse of a youngster’s lesson learned.


How to get out of the hole?

Sometimes you have to get a little dirty!

The first half of 2016 is history. I trust that you are off to a great start, but whether you are ahead or behind you’ll have to keep hustling to have a great year.

One of the frequently asked questions I’ve received this year is “how have you been able to keep yourself or company moving forward in trying circumstances?”

You probably don’t know this, but I come from a long line of storytellers.  My paternal grandmother was an unusually gifted griot.  I am sure listening to her shaped my public speaking. Today’s post answers the FAQ above and salutes the griots’ tradition.